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Logistics Management

Logistics Management

is the premier B2B media brand for generating qualified leads and reaching an exclusive market of logistics, transportation, and distribution professionals. Our readers are responsible for buying logistics services, software/technology and equipment. We understand the importance of attracting motivated buyers, and that is why we have developed a diverse line of products tailored to meet your specific needs.

Logistics Management (LM) ensures that our audience remains up-to-date and relevant, allowing you to effectively showcase your products or services to decision-makers and thought leaders in the industry. By partnering with LM, you can have full confidence that your message will be seen by the most knowledgeable and influential individuals in logistics market.

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Logistics Management Lead Generation Programs

Audience Connect

The Audience Connect Lead Program finally answers the question “How can I measure the ROI of my investment in magazine advertising?“

Each month, Logistics Management sends a digital edition of the print issue to readers who have requested it. Audience Connect Inquiry is a landing page for our digital subscribers that asks readers buying intent questions about their plans to purchase or evaluate over the next 12 months.

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Logistics Management offers single-sponsor webcasts supported by a full marketing campaign to promote the event and maximize registration.

We can also promote your produced webinar to our audience through the Audience on Demand Webinar Marketing Program.

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White Papers

The White Paper section of offers vendors and service providers a vehicle for directing customers to your white papers or educational product information resulting in generating qualified leads.

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Audience On Demand

Market your webinar to our audience!

Logistics Management can take your already produced webinar and extend the reach of your promotion by sending it to our targeted audience of qualified logistics professionals. We will create and deploy an eBlast with a landing page featuring your event and a pre-populated registration page to capture leads.

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EZ Lead Generation Programs

Logistics Management‘s EZ Lead Generation Programs provide a quick and easy way to fill your sales pipeline by using our products. The only content we require from you is your logo. Sponsors can choose from our Editorial Webcasts, Special Digital Issues or Annual Editorial Research, which are all promoted to our audiences through a series of emails. We require registration for all attendees and downloads.

Your logo will appear on each email and registration page providing high-value branding, and we will include your product/service solution as a drop-down selection on the registration page for the question “What are you planning to purchase / evaluate in the next 12 months?” This ensures that you will receive highly-qualified leads.

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Logistics Management’s Branding and Traffic-Driving Programs

Third-Party and Video eBlasts

Using your provided HTML, we can deliver your message directly to our reader’s inbox.

Or take your existing video content and let us create a custom email and landing page to generate qualified leads for your sales funnel. Target your message by demographic and geographic selections including buying influences, job function and industry selects.

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KeyMail Intent

Engage our readers with your sales message as they consume related content on Peerless Media’s websites.

Direct qualified prospects to your website with an automated series of emails as they engage with content related to your product or service. Provide us with the appropriate related keywords for your business and we will administer your promotional campaign to drive them to your site as they are showing interest in these topics.

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Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Proactively target your ideal customer profile.

Compliment your B2B marketing strategy with an account-based marketing (ABM) program aimed at identifying and targeting prospects actively researching content related to your solution.


Retarget our highly targeted and qualified logistics site visitors wherever they are online.

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Native Advertising / Advertorials


Your content is posted on the Home page in the sponsored section. In addition, your content will be included in one This Week in Material Handling newsletter.


Engage Logistics Managements magazine readers with thought leadership content.

The promoted stories section of each issue is designed to give readers of Logistics Management information and insight into your company and highlight how you can help solve a specific problem or increase their efficiency and productivity.

Custom opportunities include —

  • “Leaders” Promoted Story
  • “Challenge-Solved” Promoted Story
  • “Diversity & Equity” Promoted Story

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Channel Sponsorships

Own your market segment on

Our content on specific topics is aggregated on a single landing page that is surrounded by the sponsor’s banners and logos. Just your company is branded — not your competitors — in the place where your potential customers come to keep up to date on the industry news that matters to them.



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  • Global Trade
  • Sustainability


  • Cloud
  • IoT
  • Mobile and Wireless
  • Software


  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Ports
  • Rail and Intermodal
  • TMS


  • Automation
  • Lift Trucks
  • Warehouse / DC
  • WMS

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Newsletters and Banners on

Engage Logistics Management’s premium online community with your products through banner programs and product showcase opportunities. is the leading website for the transportation, logistics, and distribution industries. offers the best and most unique opportunities to brand your company online and drive traffic to your website.


  • Leaderboard
  • Boombox
  • Half Page
  • Jumbo


  • This Week in Logistics — 64,000 subscribers, deployed weekly

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Engage decision-makers with your product and company videos.

With video being so easy to view, consume, and share, The Video Newsletter gives you a powerful medium to engage logistics decision-makers.

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Sponsor our popular podcast series!

Each week, our editors interview industry leaders on the latest trends and industry challenges. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase your product/service to our highly engaged audience.

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Special Editorial Features

Apart from our extensive monthly editorial coverage, Logistics Management is thrilled to provide expanded coverage of crucial industry events and topics throughout the year. These special issues hold immense value for advertisers, offering value-added programs, exclusive research studies, and bonus distribution at key shows. It is an exceptional opportunity for advertisers to maximize their exposure and leverage the unique benefits associated with these highly sought-after editions.

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Industry Show Coverage

Logistics Management actively engages in prominent industry events all year round. Our commitment to offering advertisers a range of powerful and cost-efficient opportunities to showcase their logistics, transportation, and distribution solutions sets us apart. With our specially designed programs, you can leverage maximum booth traffic and gain extensive exposure to a highly qualified pool of prospects before, during, and even after these shows.

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Supply Chain Outlook - Virtual Summit - Game Changing Strategies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Outlook Virtual Summit

The focus of this event is on identifying the strategies, technology, and automated tools necessary for continued management success. The editors of Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management Review have programmed sessions that put some of today’s game-changing strategies and automated solutions into perspective and offer practical tips for evaluating, implementing, and leveraging these tools in an effort to streamline operations and retain the workforce necessary to take logistics and supply chain operations into the future.

The Supply Chain Outlook Virtual Summit is hosted by Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management Review.

Learn more about the Supply Chain Outlook Virtual Summit

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