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is the industry’s primary resource for supply chain, procurement, logistics, and transportation professionals looking for industry news and trends, company comparisons and market intelligence. We offer our readers a content-rich experience with everything related to the topic they are interested — right at their fingertips.

Along with industry news and trends, Supplychain247.com seamlessly intertwines case studies, research, videos, white papers, and press releases. We provide all the relevant content to help supply chain professionals research, learn, evaluate, and make impactful business decisions. Users can access all the news, features, blogs, 2,000+ companies, thousands of white papers, and other collateral under 40+ supply chain topics.

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Company Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship offers multiple opportunities to help you connect with your ideal audience and achieve your marketing goals. By partnering with SupplyChain247.com, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

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SupplyChain247.com Quarterly Research Series

Supplychain247.com and Peerless Research Group provides quarterly, original market intelligence to help our readers better understand not only the current state of supply chain technology and software adoption, but track the evolution of these critical tools as they are being put to work in today’s modern operations. The theme of this year’s four-part series is “What’s Next?”.

These studies will be sent to 40,000+ select members of Supplychain247.com. Sponsor one or more of these surveys and generate numerous qualified leads.

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White Papers

Generate Qualified Leads from Supplychain247.com’s Readers

Supplychain247.com will showcase your white paper to over 30,000 supply chain professionals via dedicated eBlasts. A custom registration page will gather buying intent responses to further qualify your leads.

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SupplyChain247.com’s Branding and Traffic-Driving Programs

Third-Party and Video eBlasts

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NextGen Supply Chain Conference

NextGen Supply Chain Conference

NextGen is the premier brand for executive level and senior managers who have direct buying influences over the supply chain, transportation, and distribution activities for their companies. As a highly-regarded event in the industry, NextGen attracts a wide range of C-level and senior-level supply chain professionals.

Learn more about the NextGen Supply Chain Conference

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