Native Advertising

Sponsored content on Peerless’ brand websites

Start a dialog with Peerless’ engaged and targeted audience through Native Advertising. Your “Sponsored Content” has the look and feel of our editorial content and does not disrupt the user experience. Readers will engage with your article as they would with any other story.

  • Posted on a Peerless Media brand site’s homepage in the sponsored section
  • Included in one Newsletter
  • 700 to 1,000 words, headline and subhead
  • Relevant image
  • Links to your website

Custom Native Advertorials

Engage Peerless magazine readers with thought leadership content. The “promoted stories” section of each issue is designed to give readers information and insight into your company and highlight how you can help solve a specific problem or increase their efficiency and productivity.

Custom Opportunities Include:

“Leaders” Promoted Story

Our editors will lead you through a 1-page Q&A format designed give insight into your company and how you can help customers meet their challenges. This is your opportunity to discuss your company’s mission, support services, company anniversary and unique attributes in order to focus buyers on the benefits of partnering with you. Your custom advertorial piece will be designed by the Peerless Content Creation team.

“Challenge-Solved” Promoted Story

Special 1-page report where you take our readers through a challenge and your solution highlighting your products and services. The Peerless Content Creation team will design your advertorial.

“Competitive Edge” Promoted Story

In markets where products, applications, services and equipment are becoming commoditized, this one-page report or Q&A allows your organization to plant the flag and clearly explain how your approach to a solution stands out among the competition.

Request each brand’s MEDIA KIT for full program details.