Peerless Media stands as the foremost provider of unbiased business content and information, catering to the supply chain, logistics, materials handling, robotics, and design engineering markets.

Our portfolio of brands represents the pinnacle of excellence in their respective domains, offering unparalleled news coverage, insightful analysis, and comprehensive resources.

Modern Materials Handling

Since 1946, Modern Materials Handling has been the only publication exclusively dedicated to materials handling. Written specifically for professionals who recommend, select, or buy materials handling equipment and solutions for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities.

Logistics Management

Founded in 1962, Logistics Management is the leading brand serving the transportation, logistics and distribution markets. Logistics and transportation professionals continue to rely on LM to help them become more effective in meeting today’s daunting domestic and global logistics challenges.

Supply Chain Management Review

Supply Chain Management Review is the premier journal for senior supply chain executives covering sourcing, purchasing, production planning, inventory management, transportation/logistics and reverse logistics.

Supply Chain 24/7 is the industry’s primary online resource where supply chain, procurement, transportation, logistics and materials handling professionals go to find the relevant content they need to research industry trends, compare companies, and gather market intelligence.

Robotics 24/7 is an online resource for robot designers, engineers, integrators, and users in manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics, industries. Coverage focuses on robots, drones, assistive devices, and autonomous vehicles, as well as key component technologies, software, and machine learning.

Material Handling 24/7 is the most comprehensive, product-focused online resource in the materials handling industry showcasing products from manufacturing to the loading dock to storage, packaging, and distribution.

Digital Engineering 24/7 is the market leader in technology information for design engineering teams focusing on CAD/CAM, PLM, visualization, analysis, simulation, 3D scanning, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, test, IoT & sensors, and computer systems that enable great design.

Material Handling Product News

Material Handling Product News is the only product-focused brand in the materials handling industry that covers the entire range of materials handling products — from the loading dock, to the manufacturing process, to storage and distribution.

NextGen Supply Chain Conference

Now in its fifth year, the NextGen Supply Chain Conference is the premier annual event for senior-level supply chain executives that answers the question “What’s next in supply chain management?” Focusing on disruptive technologies such as AI, robotics and digital transformation, only NextGen is exclusively dedicated to preparing these executives for the coming technologies and processes that will have the most transformative effects on their supply chains.

Supply Chain Outlook - Virtual Summit - Game Changing Strategies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

This annual virtual event identifies game-changing strategies and automated solutions along with best practices for evaluating, implementing, and leveraging tools to streamline logistics and supply chain operations.

Automating the Warehouse - Virtual Summit

ATW’s annual virtual summit looks at how automation, robotics, software, and advanced technologies are enabling warehouse/DC operations to prepare for growth and a resilient future. Sessions are designed to help managers make sure their facility evolves to become nimbler by reimagining processes to orchestrate an end-to-end, digital supply chain.

Robotics 24/7's Robotics Applications Conference

As warehouses and factories add robots onto their floors, RAC provides insights into these innovative technologies. Operations managers can learn from our expert panelists about evaluating, deploying, and using robots, AI, and automation. RAC speakers include robotics end users, integrators, and suppliers.

Digital Engineering 247 Design & Simulation Summit

Our annual virtual summit offers a day of online presentations spanning the key technologies that our readers rely on DE to keep them informed:

  • Design
  • Simulation
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Engineering Computing
  • Digital Thread
Peerless Content Creation

Peerless Content Creation is a fully integrated custom content partner specializing in thought-leadership content that engages your audience, generates leads, and grows sales. PCC offers expertise in content creation, marketing, design, and research in the supply chain, logistics, material handling, robotics, and design engineering markets.

Peerless Research Group

Peerless Research Group specializes in business intelligence solutions, including custom studies on brand awareness, product and service usage, buying intentions, brand equity, product feasibility, customer satisfaction, and corporate management for companies, consultants and advertising agencies in supply chain, logistics, materials handling, robotics and design engineering markets.