Newsletters and Banners

Engage Peerless’ premium online community with your products through newsletters, banner programs, and product showcase opportunities


Modern Materials Handling

  • This Week in Material Handling — 50,000 subscribers, deployed weekly
  • Modern/MHPN Product Showcase — 35,000 subscribers, deployed monthly
  • White Paper Showcase Newsletter — 75,000 subscribers, deployed monthly
  • Special Editorial Focus Custom Newsletter — 50,000 subscribers

Material Handling

  • Product Showcase Newsletter — 33,000 subscribers, deployed monthly

Logistics Management

  • This Week in Logistics — 64,000 subscribers, deployed weekly

Supply Chain Management Review

  • This Week in Supply Chain — 39,000 subscribers, deployed weekly

  • Newswire Newsletter — 42,000 subscribers, deployed 2x / week

  • Robot User Newsletter — 32,000 subscribers, deployed
  • Robot Design Newsletter — 17,000 subscribers, deployed
  • Robot Systems Engineering — 17,000 subscribers, deployed

Video Newsletters

Modern Material Handling and Digital Engineering offer Friday Video Newsletters to their audiences.

These newsletters are designed to engage decision-makers with your product and company videos. With video being so easy to view, consume and share, the Friday Video Newsletter gives you a powerful medium to engage decision-makers.

  • Engage prospects on your products and company.
  • Combines a dedicated blast and custom landing page where the video plays.
  • Click-through numbers provided for each video.
  • “Tell me more” button on each landing page. Prepopulated registration form makes it easy to generate requests for contact.

“Request-4-Contact” Leads Include:

  • Email Address
  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • State/Country
  • Phone Number


  • Leaderboard
  • Boombox
  • Half Page
  • Jumbo

Request each brand’s MEDIA KIT for full program details.