First Robotics Applications Conference Shares Expert Insights With Commercial Robot Ecosystem

Robotics Applications Conference a success

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.—Industry experts on robotics standards, multiple use cases, and integration spoke at yesterday’s first annual Robotics Applications Conference. Close to 400 registrants viewed the live keynote and four sessions, which are now available for viewing on demand.

“We appreciate that so many robotics users from Fortune 1,000 companies and technology suppliers, as well as investors and researchers, tuned in to our event during a busy time of year,” said Eugene Demaitre, editorial director of Robotics 24/7 and moderator of a few sessions.

“It validates our approach of representing the end-user point of view and applications at RAC ’22,” he added. “Other events focus on vertical markets or specific technologies, but our audience responded strongly to the discussions about how businesses can benefit from automating certain tasks and processes today.”

Robotics 24/7 and Peerless Media presented the one-day, virtual event.

Keynote tackles today’s hot robotics trends

Aaron Prather, former senior technical advisor at FedEx Express and current director of the Robotics & Autonomous Systems Program at ASTM International, delivered the keynote address. He explained how warehouse and logistics companies are increasingly turning to automation to deal with labor shortages, supply chain challenges, and heightened competition.

Aaron Prather, ASTM International

ASTM International’s Aaron Prather

Prather also described the types of systems that are available, pitfalls for adopting robots and software, and promising systems that are coming soon. In addition, he described how standards developed by ASTM and numerous experts can benefit everyone across the industry.

“We need your voice—those of you that are out there working in this industry are in the field, seeing how the technology is working or not working,” he said. “A standard is only as good as its use. … We’re moving so fast, and we have new technologies coming on so quickly, our challenge on the standards side of the robotics industry is how do we keep up with that speed? We are doing a lot more acceleration work.”

Prather also answered live questions from the audience.

Other speakers discuss a range of robot uses

The “Goods-to-Person Systems Keep Workers in the Loop” session discussed criteria for evaluating robots and goods-to-robot systems, as well as how to determine when automation should not be added.

That panel included John Santagate, vice president of robotics at Körber Supply Chain Software; Bill Twickler, vice president of solutions at GXO Logistics; Kyle VanGoethem, head of network planning at Stord; and Andrew Lockhart, director of strategic engagement and warehouse solutions for North America at Vanderlande.

The session on “Truck Unloading and the Next Frontiers for Robots” featured Tyler Wilson, an internal logistics engineer and engineering manager at Toyota North America.

“The discussion served as an opportunity to learn how the automaker takes advantage of mobile robots in its operations,” noted Cesareo Contreras, associate editor at Robotics 24/7 and moderator of that session.

Sandeep Sakharkar, CIO of GXO Logistics, and Jake Heldenberg, senior manager for North American warehouse sales consulting at Vanderlande, spoke in the RAC ’22 session on “Piece Picking Gets Faster With Robotic Perception.” They explained how simulation can help with planning and training robots and chatted about the importance of data analytics to getting value out of robotic picking.

The panel on “Machine Tending and Welding With Cobots” examined the potential of collaborative robotics and the robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) model in manufacturing. Speakers included Josh Pawley, vice president of business development at Vectis Automation; Brian Havey, director of sales at VersaBuilt Robotics; and Al Youngwerth, CEO of VersaBuilt Robotics.

Watch the Robotics Applications Conference

The Robotics Applications Conference is still available on demand, and registration is free for all sessions. Robotics 24/7 will continue covering the topics discussed at the event throughout the year.

Peerless Media is already planning next year’s conference, and companies can learn more about sponsorship opportunities by contacting Publisher Tom Cooney at

Robotics Applications Conference has free registration for sessions on demand.

About Peerless Media

Founded in 2010, Peerless Media is the leading provider of independent business content and information serving the supply chain, logistics, materials handling, and design engineering industries.

Its brands include Robotics 24/7Digital EngineeringDigital Engineering 24/7Logistics ManagementModern Materials HandlingSupply Chain Management ReviewSupply Chain 24/7, and Material Handling 24/7. They offer business-to-business coverage through Peerless’ websites, newsletters, and conferences.

Robotics Applications Conference Opens Attendee Registration, Announces More Speakers

Robotics Applications Conference 2022 announces registration, speakers

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – Peerless Media has announced that attendee registration is open for the Robotics Applications Conference, a virtual event that will be on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2022. The company, which produces Robotics 24/7, has also announced some of the end-user and systems integrator speakers who will be sharing their insights.

“While most robotics events are vendor-driven, this is a chance to better understand how operations are choosing, deploying, and managing automation in the real world,” said Eugene Demaitre, editorial director of Robotics 24/7 and moderator of several sessions.

“We look forward to the application-focused discussions on topics that resonate with our audience of robotics users in supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing,” he added.

Robotics Applications Conference 2022 speakers announced

Noted technology evangelist Aaron Prather was already announced as the keynote speaker for the Robotics Applications Conference, or RAC ’22. He was senior technical advisor at FedEx Express and is now director of the Robotics & Autonomous Systems Program at standards organization ASTM International.

Speakers for the other RAC ’22 sessions include:

Other sessions include “Palletizing and the Next Frontiers for Mobile Robots.” More speakers will be announced soon, and qualified experts can still apply to participate.

Register now for RAC ’22

The Robotics Applications Conference is free, and registration is now open for all sessions.

Visit Robotics 24/7 for the latest news about the commercial robotics ecosystem and for more information about the one-day event.

Companies can learn more about sponsorship opportunities by contacting Tom Cooney at

About Peerless Media

Founded in 2010, Peerless Media is the leading provider of independent business content and information serving the supply chain, logistics, materials handling, and design engineering industries.

Our flagship brands, including Robotics 24/7, Digital Engineering, Digital Engineering 24/7, Logistics Management, Modern Materials Handling, Supply Chain Management Review, Supply Chain 24/7, and Material Handling 24/7 offer unparalleled business-to-business coverage via sites, newsletters, and conferences.

FedEx’s Aaron Prather to Deliver Keynote for Robotics 24/7’s Robot Applications Conference 2022

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Peerless Media is pleased to announce that Aaron Prather, senior technical adviser at FedEx Express, will deliver the keynote address at the Robot Applications Conference 2022, or RAC ’22. The virtual event, which is presented by Robotics 24/7, will be on Wednesday, October 5, 2022. It is designed to share end users’ perspectives on how to best apply automation.

Prather has worked at FedEx since 1995. He has unloaded trucks, managed scanners in the company’s Memphis hub, and developed and deployed IT systems for courier operations. Prather is also a noted technology evangelist who has spoken at numerous robotics events nationwide.

“My team’s morning routine is make coffee, check e-mail, read Robotics 24/7,” said Prather.

In his keynote, Prather will discuss how warehouses can optimize materials handling with robots and artificial intelligence. He will share his insights on the following topics:

  • FedEx’s experiences testing and deploying numerous types of robots
  • What robots and software are currently capable of, and what the supply chain industry wants
  • How scalability, flexibility, and throughput guide robotics deployments
  • The need for interoperability among robots from different vendors and related standards efforts

“Aaron has been a force of nature in advocating for practical automation,” noted Eugene Demaitre, editorial director of Robotics 24/7. “I look forward to sharing his insights with our audience of commercial robotics users, integrators, and suppliers.”

Robot Applications Conference includes five sessions

RAC ’22 is a one-day online event that will include sessions and panels on the following topics:

  • Goods-to-Person Systems Keep Workers in the Loop
  • Palletizing and the Next Frontiers for Mobile Robots
  • Piece Picking Gets Faster With Robotic Perception
  • Machine Tending and Welding With Robots

More information about the sessions can be found at the event site. Unlike other robotics event, the first Robot Applications Conference will focus on robotics applications rather than individual technologies or market verticals.

Robotics users interested in speaking at Robotics 24/7’s event can submit applications here.

Companies can learn more about sponsorship opportunities by contacting Tom Cooney at

About Peerless Media

Founded in 2010, Peerless Media is the leading provider of independent business content and information serving the supply chain, logistics, materials handling, and design engineering industries. Our flagship brands, including Robotics 24/7, Digital Engineering, Digital Engineering 24/7, Logistics Management, Modern Materials Handling, Supply Chain Management Review, Material Handling Product News, Supply Chain 24/7, and Material Handling 24/7, offer unparalleled business-to-business coverage via sites, newsletters, and conferences.

Robotics 24/7 to Serve Industrial Users and Suppliers

For Immediate Release

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.  Robotics 24/7, a new site from Peerless Media, will soon provide information to help manufacturing, supply chain, and other companies take full advantage of robots and automation. The site will focus on the industries, technologies, applications, and business development aspects of the robotics ecosystem.

In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated demand for rapid e-commerce order fulfillment, putting strain on logistics providers and retailers. Industrial robots and autonomous systems can address these and other challenges facing multiple markets, from manufacturing to retail, but reliable information is key to success.

Robotics 24/7 will draw on Peerless Media’s experience serving designers, engineers, and supply chain users. The site will provide news and guidance to everyone from robotics developers looking for best-in-class components and partners to systems integrators and production managers who must work with and supervise robots.

Experienced team leads Robotics 24/7

Providing editorial direction for Robotics 24/7 is Eugene Demaitre, who has experience in business-to-business technology journalism and online media. Prior to Peerless Media, Demaitre was a senior editor at Robotics Business Review and The Robot Report. He has also worked at BNA (now part of Bloomberg), Computerworld, and TechTarget. Demaitre has participated in numerous robotics-related podcasts and conferences worldwide, including CES 2021.

“I look forward to focusing on real-world applications of robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles,” Demaitre said. “I welcome everyone to the global conversation on how to best build and deploy such emerging technologies.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Gene leading the launch of Robotics 24/7, and we expect the new site to be an important and useful resource to both robotics suppliers and users,” stated Tom Cooney, who is now group publisher of Robotics 24/7 in addition to his role as publisher of Digital Engineering.

Peerless provides more 24/7 resources for industry pros

Robotics 24/7 is our fourth 24/7 brand,” said Brian Ceraolo, President & CEO of Peerless Media. “This follows our strategic plan to establish a foothold in rapidly growing markets with an all-digital brand that provides a vast amount of trusted content for readers, as well as a new type of high-value sponsorship for advertisers. We’re confident that both our readers and sponsors will find the site of immense benefit.”

Robotics 24/7 will offer articles, e-newsletters, white papers, company profiles, and webinars to help a qualified audience understand the hardware, software, and services to meet its needs. The site will launch by Q2 of 2021, and sponsorship inquiries should be directed to Tom Cooney at Send editorial questions to Eugene Demaitre at


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