FedEx’s Aaron Prather to Deliver Keynote for Robotics 24/7’s Robot Applications Conference 2022

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Peerless Media is pleased to announce that Aaron Prather, senior technical adviser at FedEx Express, will deliver the keynote address at the Robot Applications Conference 2022, or RAC ’22. The virtual event, which is presented by Robotics 24/7, will be on Wednesday, October 5, 2022. It is designed to share end users’ perspectives on how to best apply automation.

Prather has worked at FedEx since 1995. He has unloaded trucks, managed scanners in the company’s Memphis hub, and developed and deployed IT systems for courier operations. Prather is also a noted technology evangelist who has spoken at numerous robotics events nationwide.

“My team’s morning routine is make coffee, check e-mail, read Robotics 24/7,” said Prather.

In his keynote, Prather will discuss how warehouses can optimize materials handling with robots and artificial intelligence. He will share his insights on the following topics:

  • FedEx’s experiences testing and deploying numerous types of robots
  • What robots and software are currently capable of, and what the supply chain industry wants
  • How scalability, flexibility, and throughput guide robotics deployments
  • The need for interoperability among robots from different vendors and related standards efforts

“Aaron has been a force of nature in advocating for practical automation,” noted Eugene Demaitre, editorial director of Robotics 24/7. “I look forward to sharing his insights with our audience of commercial robotics users, integrators, and suppliers.”

Robot Applications Conference includes five sessions

RAC ’22 is a one-day online event that will include sessions and panels on the following topics:

  • Automated Storage and the Future of Fulfillment
  • Goods-to-Person Systems Keep Workers in the Loop
  • Palletizing and the Next Frontiers for Mobile Robots
  • Piece Picking Gets Faster With Robotic Perception
  • Machine Tending and Welding With Robots

More information about the sessions can be found at the event site. Unlike other robotics event, the first Robot Applications Conference will focus on robotics applications rather than individual technologies or market verticals.

Robotics users interested in speaking at Robotics 24/7’s event can submit applications here.

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