FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Peerless Media is pleased to announce the launch of Robotics 24/7, the ultimate robotics resource dedicated to real-world applications from the entire robotics ecosystem.

Robotics 24/7 provides information to help manufacturing, supply chain, and other companies take full advantage of robots and automation. The site focuses on the industries, technologies, applications, and business development aspects of the robotics ecosystem.

Robotics 24/7 ecosystemIn addition, Robotics 24/7 gives readers a content-rich experience by connecting over 25 of the most significant industry topics with relevant articles, resources and companies. The brand is intended to help industry professionals identify, evaluate, and implement tools to improve quality, efficiency, safety, and productivity.

For advertisers, Robotics 24/7 offers a comprehensive sponsorship that provides content engagement, SEO enhancement and lead generation. The site also provides several other lead-generating or branding opportunities.

Robotics 24/7 will elevate your company’s brand and content—with an ROI that far exceeds your investment.” said Brian Ceraolo, president and CEO of Peerless Media. “Robotics 24/7 amplifies your content, generates engagement and provides strong SEO by adding your company’s resources as part of our content strategy. We’ll use your blogs, articles and assets on our site and in email pushes to our audience.”

Providing editorial direction for Robotics 24/7 is Eugene Demaitre, who has experience in business-to-business technology journalism and online media. Prior to Peerless Media, he was a senior editor at Robotics Business Review and The Robot Report.

“I’m focusing on real-world applications of robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles,” Demaitre said“I welcome everyone to the global conversation on how to best build and deploy such emerging technologies.”

For companies looking for opportunities to showcase their brand on Robotics 24/7, download the media kit, or contact Tom Cooney at

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About Robotics 24/7
Robotics 24/7 
is a new information portal intended to help designers, systems engineers, and end users discover, evaluate, and implement technologies to improve quality and efficiency. The site includes news, research, and supplier content to help businesses maximize their investments in robots, drones, autonomous vehicles, and more.

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