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Robotics 24/7 is a new resource for robot designers, engineers, integrators, and users in manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and other industries. The site provides relevant content to help industry professionals discover, evaluate, and implement systems to improve quality and efficiency, as well as to monitor returns on investment.

From technology trends to business development, Robotics 24/7 serves the entire automation ecosystem. It covers robots, drones, assistive devices, and autonomous vehicles, as well as key component technologies, software, and artificial intelligence.

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As with Peerless Media’s other 24/7 brands, Robotics 24/7 puts the right information in front of our readers at the right time by bringing together relevant content from across the Web, including articles, news, podcasts, and webcasts. In addition, Robotics 24/7 features case studies, videos, white papers, press releases, and social media feeds from numerous companies.

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Business executives, operations managers, and design and production engineers responsible for designing, evaluating, purchasing, integrating, and managing robots in supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing organizations, among others.

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