America Makes and Digital Engineering Collaborate to Advance Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

Peerless Media will work to promote National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining’s additive manufacturing industry advancement efforts.

(Framingham, MA and Blairsville, PA) —The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), the parent organization of America Makes, has entered into a formal collaboration agreement with Digital Engineering, a technology media business owned by Peerless Media, to advance the additive manufacturing/3D printing industry.

America Makes and its membership community of more than 220 organizations share a common goal to innovate and accelerate additive manufacturing and 3D printing to increase our nation’s global manufacturing competitiveness. Digital Engineering will use the power of its magazine, e-newsletters, website and marketing database to drive awareness of America Makes’ mission as the national accelerator for additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

“Digital Engineering (formerly Desktop Engineering) has been covering additive manufacturing and 3D printing since 1995 in the pages of DE and via our digital channels,” says Tom Cooney, publisher of Digital Engineering. “Our product design engineering audience has used this technology for prototyping their designs since the mid ’90s. With recent advances in materials, hardware and software, our audience is on the frontline of moving additive manufacturing toward full production of their designs. That’s why we are so very excited to be working with this tremendous organization.”

“Within the advanced manufacturing industry and for those design engineering teams who serve it, Digital Engineering has been a mainstay and editorial leader in conveying information on the latest innovations and technologies that are impacting and transforming engineering design,” said NCDMM’s Executive Director of America Makes Rob Gorham. “Our collaboration with Digital Engineering will prove to be a highly effective way to further commercialize additive technologies and communicate the innovative work of the America Makes membership community to a critical audience.”

This partnership with America Makes will help ensure that DE’s audience of almost 90,000 design engineers, engineering managers and executives are aware of the resources America Makes has to offer when evaluating and integrating additive manufacturing and 3D printing into the digital thread.

About the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining
NCDMM delivers innovative and collaborative manufacturing solutions that enhance our nation’s workforce and economic competitiveness. NCDMM has extensive knowledge and depth in manufacturing areas—both commercial and defense—continually innovate, improve, and advance manufacturing technologies and methodologies. Its experienced team specializes in identifying the needs, the players, the technologies, and processes to attain optimal solutions for our customers. It connect the dots. That’s the NCDMM methodology. NCDMM also manages the national accelerator for additive manufacturing (AM) and 3DP printing (3DP), America Makes—the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute and the V4 Institute. For additional information, visit the NCDMM at

About America Makes
As the national accelerator for additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing (3DP), America Makes is the nation’s leading and collaborative partner in AM and 3DP technology research, discovery, creation, and innovation. Structured as a public-private partnership with member organizations from industry, academia, government, non-government agencies, and workforce and economic development resources, it is working together to innovate and accelerate AM and 3DP to increase our nation’s global manufacturing competitiveness. Based in Youngstown, Ohio, America Makes is the first Institute within the Manufacturing USA infrastructure and is driven by the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM). Learn more at

About Digital Engineering
Digital Engineering (DE) is the market leader in technology information for design engineering teams. Our print magazine,, e-newsletters, webcasts, research and white papers focus on cutting-edge content to help design engineering teams discover, evaluate and specify the technologies and processes that shorten the design cycle, enable optimal designs and connect the digital thread. Learn more at

About Peerless Media
Peerless Media produces industry-leading brands in the logistics, supply chain, materials handling and design engineering markets. Our flagship brands, Modern Materials Handling, Material Handling Product News, Material Handling 24/7, Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management Review, Supply Chain 24/7, NextGen Supply Chain Conference and Digital Engineering are the content leaders in their respective fields for news, analysis and resources. Peerless offers unparalleled marketing opportunities for branding, lead-generation, research, content creation and thought leadership. Visit

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Digital Engineering Contact:
Tom Cooney, Publisher, (973) 214-6798

NCDMM / America Makes Media Contact:
Scott Deutsch, (724) 539-4760

Desktop Engineering Rebrands to Digital Engineering

(Framingham, MA) August 17, 2016 – Peerless Media announced today that its flagship engineering title, Desktop Engineering, will change its name to Digital Engineering, effective with the newly redesigned September issue.

The name change caps off a year of celebrating the brand’s 20th anniversary. Launched in September of 1995, Desktop Engineering was created to inform design engineering teams how to optimize the use of new technologies. At the time, the ability to use desktop computers for serious engineering work revolutionized the industry. The magazine’s mission of connecting engineering teams with the technology they need to optimize their designs has not changed, but the technologies have.

Digital Engineering better reflects the current technologies converging to optimize design engineering,” says DE Publisher Tom Cooney. “Over the years, Desktop Engineering expanded its coverage of simulation-led design, 3D printing, sensors, product lifecycle management, high-performance computing and the Internet of Things as those technologies have become more central to the product development cycle.”

Up-front engineering teams face enormous pressures to integrate electronics, software and connectivity into product designs to meet market demands. Even though their jobs are more complex than ever, product design cycles continue to contract in order for businesses to keep pace with global competition. To satisfy the opposing demands of more design innovation in less time, upfront engineering teams rely on the technologies and processes covered in Digital Engineering.

“We are now at a point where complexity and connectivity have made collaboration critical to product design and engineering,” notes Jamie Gooch, DE’s editorial director. “The desktop is still part of engineering, but it’s the digital thread—the flow of data back and forth throughout the design cycle and product lifecycle—that drives engineering technology today.”

Many of the writers and editors responsible for launching Desktop Engineering in 1995 are still contributing to the magazine, bringing decades of experience to help our audience understand how to use the latest technologies and techniques to optimize engineering design. In addition, new columnists and contributors have been added to bring a fresh perspective to DE’s coverage.

“We will remain true to our unique focus on upfront design engineering teams in our magazine, websites, newsletters, blogs, webcasts, videos and research reports,” Cooney says. “We’ll still be DE, but now our name will match our mission.”

About Peerless Media

Founded in 2010, Peerless Media is the leading provider of independent business content and information serving the supply chain, logistics, materials handling and design engineering industries. Through our flagship brands (Logistics Management, Modern Materials Handling, Supply Chain Management Review, Material Handling Product News, Supply Chain 24/7 Materials Handling MRO and Digital Engineering), we offer unparalleled B2B coverage via publications, websites, newsletters, conferences, and research. Visit

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