Branding Programs

Increase Traffic, Generate Awareness & Drive Engagement

Engage High-Value Print & Online Readers on Social Media

REACH Program

Our REACH Program implements a LinkedIn and/or Facebook social media campaign targeted to our print and newsletter readers, as well as our website visitors, to increase traffic, generate awareness and drive engagement to your brand and products. We can also expand the audience size with lookalikes creating a sizable universe of prospects to promote your message to.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Complement your B2B marketing strategy with a highly targeted
account-based marketing (ABM) program. Provide us with a list of
your target companies and we’ll tell you how many targeted banner
impressions we can deliver monthly. We will also be able to tell
you the companies that are “surging“ on a particular topic. These
are companies that are currently viewing content on your industry
across the web. You can choose to market to the entire list or just
the surging companies.

We can also provide dedicated email blasts to all the companies
you choose that we have in our database.

  • Reach selected target companies with banner and/or email marketing.
  • Identify the companies that are “surging” by their intent data.
  • Machine learning DSP optimizes your results.
  • Complement your marketing campaign by additional advertising to your best prospects.

For more details on this program, please contact your sales representative.


Engage premium online communities with your products.

  • Modern Material Handling eNewsletters
  • Logistics Management eNewsletters
  • Supply Chain Management Review eNewsletters
  • Digital Engineering eNewsletters
  • eNewsletters
  • eNewsletters

Videos Marketing eNewsletter

Engage Decision Makers With Your Product and Company Videos

With video being so easy to view, consume and share, the “Friday Videos” gives you a powerful medium to engage our decision-makers.

Channel Sponsorships

Own your market segment on media brands

Our content on specific topics are aggregated on a single landing page that is surrounded by the sponsor’s banners and logos. Just your company is branded—not your competitors—in the place where your potential customers come to keep up to date on the industry news that matters to them.

Podcast Sponsorship Program 

  • Interview on the topic of your choice (20 minutes max).
  • Promoted to our brands 50,000 to 80,000 online community subscribers through a dedicated Podcast eBlast plus social media push.
  • Feature your website and whitepapers with links on the dedicated eBlast.
  • Podcast will be available on our Podcast page and iTunes Channel.   

Native Advertising

Engage our readers with your content

Start a dialog with our engaged and targeted audience through Native Advertising. Your “Sponsored Content” has the look and feel of our media brand’s editorial
content and doesn’t disrupt the user experience. Readers will engage with your article as they would with any other news story.

Online Advertising

Our media brand websites reach the largest audiences and most qualified decision-makers in their respective industries. Let Peerless Media maximize your marketing efforts with proven marketing methods:

  • Banner Programs
  • Channel Sponsorships
  • Webcasts
  • White Papers
  • Content Sponsorships