Account Based Marketing

Let us help you reach your current and future customers today.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) align sales and marketing resources to focus on a single account list of surging companies, and use that list to create highly targeted marketing campaigns across programmatic display, web sites, video, email, social, etc.

ABM is fast becoming business as usual for B2B marketing organizations. Started as a key account-focused approach by a handful of B2B pioneers, ABM has now matured into a mainstream strategy that companies are using both to win new accounts and grow existing clients of all types and sizes.

Invest in ABM

For companies now investing in ABM, programs are now taking a growing share of marketing budgets and ABM principles are beginning to influence the way B2B firms go to market overall.

Complement your B2B marketing strategy with a highly targeted account-based marketing program. Provide us with a list of
your target companies and we’ll tell you how many targeted banner impressions we can deliver monthly. Alternatively we can also tell you the companies that are “surging“ on a particular topic – surging companies – and help you identify new or emerging customers. These are companies that are currently viewing content on your company or industry
across the web. You can choose to market to the entire list or just the surging companies. Let us help you get in front of your current or future customers.

We can also provide dedicated email blasts to all the companies you choose that we have in our database.

  • Reach selected target companies with banner and/or email marketing.
  • Identify the companies that are “surging” by their intent data.
  • Machine learning DSP optimizes your results.
  • Complement your marketing campaign by additional advertising to your best prospects.

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