Terms and Conditions


Furnished inserts are billed at the contract rate for a full-page black-andwhite ad, less a 15%-30% discount depending on the number of pages. Special sizes apply to inserts. Business reply card inserts can only be sold in conjunction with a full-page ad. BRCs are billed at the contract rate for a full-page black and white ad. Samples need to be sent in advance to Peerless Media’s Production Department to be approved to ensure that the piece conforms to postal and printing specs. Contact Peerless Media’s Production Department for information on specifications and quantities on all insert matters.

Terms & Conditions

The publisher reserves the right to decline or discontinue without explanation any advertising deemed unsuitable. Advertisers and advertising agencies assume complete liability for all content of advertisements printed and agree to indemnify and defend the publisher from all claims, accusations or expenses, including legal fees, rising from ads placed in Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management Review, Modern Materials Handling, Material Handling Product News, Desktop Engineering, or Peerless Internet sites.

Frequency Agreements

The frequency contract is based on the number of insertions billed within a specified 12-month period. Each furnished insert counts as one toward contract frequency. Fulfillment of the number of insertions in less than a year will require that a new contract be signed. Rates for contract holders will be guaranteed for the duration of the contract. The contract must be signed by the advertiser and the advertising agency in advance to receive contract rates. Contract cancellation by the advertiser will void the contract rate and advertisers will be re-billed at the one-time rate. Without a frequency contract, advertisers will be billed at the one-time rate for each insertion. Single, non-contract insertions are considered on an earned-rate basis and may not be applied to future contracts.


Cancellations must be received in writing by space closing date. Cancellations after that date will be invoiced for the full amount. Preferred position orders are non-cancellable within 60 days of scheduled closing dates.