Advertising Contacts

Executive Contacts

Brian Ceraolo
President/Group Publisher
Phone: (732) 970-1070
Fax: (877) 330-6649

Laurel Peddie
Office Manager
Phone: (508) 663-1500 ext. 234
Fax: (877) 330-6649

Client Services

Mary Ann Scannell
Director of Client Services
508-663-1500, ext. 231

Karen Bligh
Director of Marketing

George Kokoris
Director Content Management
508-663-1500, ext. 326

John Brillon
Director Online Technology

Cheryl Murphy
Webcast Project Manager
508-663-1500, ext. 311

Michelle McKeon
Sr. Audience Marketing Manager

Charles Tanner
Director of Email Marketing

Ben Camiel
Online Content Specialist
508-663-1500 x305

Zambeta Tsapos
Email Production Coordinator
508-663-1500 x329

Darlene Sweeney
Director Art & Production (Digital Engineering)

Steve Paul
Webcast Project Manager (Digital Engineering)

Sales & Advertising Contacts

Logistics Management
Supply Chain Management Review
Supply Chain 24/7

Paul Kenny
East Coast Regional Manager
Phone: (508) 808-8251

Jeff Giersch
Midwest Regional Manager
Phone: (262) 251-7395

Brian McAvoy
West Coast Regional Manager
Phone: (508) 808-9554

Modern Materials Handling
Material Handling Product News
Supply Chain 24/7

Steve McCoy
Northeast Regional Manager, National Sales Manager
Phone: (508) 261-1120

Greg Bolen
Southeast/Mid Atlantic Regional Manager
Phone: (704) 948-4118

Bob Casey
Midwest Regional Manager
Phone: (847) 223-5225 Ext. 10

Brian McAvoy
West Coast Regional Manager
Phone: (508) 808-9554

Digital Engineering
Digital Engineering 24/7

Tom Cooney
Phone: (973) 214-6798

Tim Kasperovich
East Coast Regional Manager
Phone: 440-532-1360